Introducing Healthtracks®

An easier way to communicate laboratory results to clients after the examination.

What Did My Test Cover?

Give clients the full picture for added value and peace-of-mind.

Say Goodbye to Phone Tag

Deliver results to clients via text on your schedule.

Welcome to Healthtracks®!

We’ve now made it easier for you to communicate laboratory results to your clients. Healthtracks delivers patient results in an interactive and engaging mobile experience.

And the best part? You don’t have to learn new software because Healthtracks is integrated seamlessly with ANTECH Online and your practice software.

It’s free to you and your client.

Tag, You’re It

Forget hours of wasted phone tag and unread emails. Deliver on what clients expect in today’s world: instant communication. And there’s no app for clients to set up on their end - Healthtracks is a web-based platform delivered to their phone via text. And don’t worry, we never give your personal number out.

Make it Personal

Healthtracks makes personalization easy so you can continue the conversation long after the examination.

Share a welcome message, reminders and explanations about results leaving nothing open for interpretation. You decide what the results mean for their pet.

Clients see a text message from you letting them know their pet’s laboratory results are in. We never use your personal cell number.

A personalized welcome message from you is the first thing clients see.

Color-coded bars delineate each section of the laboratory results like Chemistry or Hematology.

Within each category, a list of all tests conducted are shown. It helps answer the question, "What tests did I pay for?"

Clients can click on a test to learn more about it and why it’s important. If there’s a concern, you can write an explanation so there’s no room for interpretation.

Let your clients know you’re here for them.

What your client sees.

Seamlessly Integrated with ANTECH Online
and Your Practice Software

Since Healthtracks is now a part of ANTECH Online, you don’t have to learn a new software or leave ANTECH Online. Anyone in your practice can administer Healthtracks (all you need is your client’s mobile number) so you can focus on what you do best.

We know what you’re thinking, "What about my practice software?" Great news. All your comments, questions and answers are imported automatically into your practice software.

How it works

When you’re logged into ANTECH Online, you’ll see your latest laboratory results are Healthtracks ready.

How it works

Simply click on the Healthtracks icon to review the client’s laboratory results. If there’s a value that concerns you, just click the "Concern" button next to the result.

How it works

At the end of the report, you can personalize your message in "Doctors Comments" - explaining only those results that concern you. Leave nothing open for interpretation.

How it works

Add your client’s cell phone number and click send. It’s that easy!